Clean Virus MSN

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Detect and eliminate more than 1,000 viruses that affect MSN


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If you usually use windows live messenger, you must take care when chatting because there are hundreds of viruses that mostly attack users who use Windows Live Messenger. In fact, it has become one of the biggest gateways for viruses.

Clean Virus MSN is a really good application that will detect and eliminate more than 1100 threats that affect this popular IM client.

Clean Virus MSN scans the memory and the files in your HD and it will show you a list with the menaces that it will find.

The button Analyser! starts the annalist and the button Fermer close the program. Clean Virus MSN detect and eliminate a large list of viruses and malware, including: Restarter.F, Agent.DWA, IRCBot.APY, Sdbot.CHA, Sdbot.BZY, IRCBot.AIU, SDbot.BXZ, Themida, Dropper o W32/Smalltroj.CXEI.

The program is in French, but it is very easy to understand.